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Theme Decor

Theme Decor
Create exceptional thematic decoration for your unique events. Follow the latest trends of thematic decoration and offer your guests exclusive treatment at your event. Be it a birthday or a wedding; we have a complete range of thematic decoration ideas. With our professional designers and creative event planners, we pick the best items to make your event extraordinary.
When it comes to celebrating your birthday, what comes to your mind? A grand birthday celebration! Or a unique cake? We help you to design your birthday view with a thematic setup. We have a team of decorators who narrate your inspirational stories with thematic birthday decoration.
The decoration of an event calls serious attention, and it sets the entire mood of the occasion. When you organize your kid’s birthday, undoubtedly, we all imagine a venue decorated with coloured balloons similarly, if it’s a corporate gathering or a wedding ceremony, the decoration needs to be completely different.
What makes an event perfect? There is no rocket science behind an ideal event; it just needs a perfect balance of everything. Apart from the arrangement of food, music, lighting, choice of venue, another significant part of a wedding is the decoration. It is a perfect way to impress your precious guest and set the ideal environment for the events. At BVMR, we have an entire team of organizers and event planners with potential professional experience in the industry. Our aim is to recognize the ideas and motivation behind an event and deliver the perfect result for the clients. As per the requirement and budget of the event, we offer the perfect thematic decoration for your events within an affordable package.
If you are planning a surprise birthday at any of your preferred location, we are ready to offer incredible thematic decoration. We can help you design your common living space for a wonderful birthday setup. With all the remarkable elements of a grand birthday, we make your birthday a stunning experience. Choose your favourite birthday theme from our best thematic birthday setup:
  • Unique silver and white theme
  • The floral and fairytale theme
  • Red and golden balloon decoration
  • Peach and white sophisticated birthday theme


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