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Strike the right chord at your wedding ceremony with music from our top bands that offer everything from soulful classical numbers to enchanting instrumental melodies. Music is key to creating a sensational affair in any event. The right notes and tunes can add buzz to your event which is all about live musical, stage performances, and pure entertainment.


Want to organize a live performance for your sangeet ceremony? How about a guitarist? Hire the best Guitarist in Hyderabad and create an incredible musical evening. We at BVMR replicate your dream with all the pomp and grandeur of the event. Apart from wedding events, a guitarist can steal the show for any family or corporate event. When it comes to engaging your guests with your arrangements, it is always better to choose the most popular or trendy music. At BVMR, you can have the best guitarist in town who can perform as per the request of the guests. So book your date with us, and let’s have a great event ahead!


There’s in no way like a Pianist to add life and vitality to a significant corporate event. The finest bands for the corporate occasion are the best corporate excitement. We strive to provide high-vitality music and a good time for any event or group. When you contract a Pianist through BVMR, you can rest assured they’ll be proficient and energizing. While conveying extraordinary shows loaded up with the most elevated quality music you’ll discover anyplace.


Music is a fundamental piece of any event. New advancements in technology enable us to appreciate the most loved beats at any place. If you have a corporate event or a family event and are planning to have a musical evening, hire our best Saxophonists and provide your guests with fantastic perfection. At BVMR, you can have professional saxophonists who are passionate about their music and deliver captivating performances to the guests. Book your date with us.


Are you looking for the best Accordionist for your next event? At BVMR, we offer our clients exclusive musical packages where the clients can hire the best Accordionist in Hyderabad at an affordable price. Our professional Accordionists are passionate about providing a dedicated performance and entertain the guest with the fine melody and perfect tune of contemporary music. Be it a corporate gathering or a birthday party, we are here to provide the clients with the best artists and their remarkable performance to the guests.



Are you a music lover? Even if you are not, we can’t think of an entertaining event without some special arrangement of Music and unique instrumental performance. If you have a corporate gathering in the next few days or a surprise anniversary party, hire our best violinist and surprise your guests with their amazing performance. Our professional artists are very dedicated to their performance and are capable of engaging the guests with their overwhelming performance. Let the tune of Violin fill every corner of your event venue, and enjoy the fine rhythm of Violin with your guests.


An event without music seems incomplete. As we promised to offer you the best event with remarkable memories, we should give justice to our commitment. In regards to the client’s preferences and their unique choice, we offer them the opportunity to hire the best professional drummers in Hyderabad. Add a dash of entertaining zeal and enthusiastic music to set the mood of the party. Our professional drummers are great at providing the best live performance and engage the audience with popular music and trendy songs. Book your date with us, and the beats of the drum echo in the musical hall.


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