Cradle Ceremony

Cradle Ceremony
As a new parent, it is truly a hardship to arrange a cradle ceremony all alone. Parenthood comes with a lot of responsibilities, and it’s also an overwhelming feeling to nurture your newly born baby. Seeing your baby’s growth day by day is truly a blissful experience for every parent out there. At the earliest stage of parenthood, Indian parents eagerly wait for their baby naming ceremony. It is an auspicious ceremony to worship God and bring all the blessings to your baby.
Traditional cradle ceremony comes with a few responsibilities as it involves worshipping the God within your home as well. It is truly an emotional moment for parents to announce their baby’s name and create a spiritual touch to the event.
At BVMR, we have all exclusive ideas to make a remarkable event for each client. It is our passionate gesture to make every event unique, and our professional experience never misses a chance to make a perfect event. From arranging excellent decorations to catering top-quality, delicious food, BVMR is a one-stop solution to meet all your event management needs.
Are you looking for a child photographer too? As promised, we are committed to delivering all your cradle ceremony needs. We also understand the emotion of every parent and provide them with customized requirements.
We have an exclusive range of decoration ideas along with catering services that perfectly complement cradle ceremony arrangements. With thematic decoration and an entire choice of indigenous cuisine, we help to celebrate your parenthood in a special way. With our unique
collaboration with professional catering services and decorators, we got you everything within your affordable budget. Let us know your idea of this ceremony. We will help to customize these designs and make a unique one!


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