Poola Jada

Poola Jada

Poola Jada
Flowers are an integral part of Indian wedding. It is within the culture and tradition of Indian wedding. Even though we are adopting the contemporary style, in terms of wedding, Indians love to follow their rich heritage and culture. Therefore, to keep up with the tradition, we have tried to give a contemporary twist to modern-day Poolajada.
All brides are unique in their own style. The draping of the saree, the jewellery, her makeup and her hairstyle add a special charm to the bride. The gleam and lustre of fresh flower, the fragrance of the petals all add a divine purity and spiritual aesthetic within the bride.
The combination of red and white matches very well with all colours. It not only a perfect combination itself; it also enhances the simple bride look to a gorgeous one. Single flower Jada Billa attached in the hair above the braid add an elongated beauty.
If you want to add an extravagant look, flower net Jada is the perfect choice for you. It provides the bride with a gorgeous look covering the plait completely. Many brides want to have two thick venis for a grandeur look.
While flower billas are normal, orchestrating them has a ton effect and can change the look. Flower billas masterminded with holes in the middle additionally gives a classy look. Arrangements of venis can be completely altered according to your saree/outfit.
Be it the colours, combination or arrangement, all that looks awesome. Gold, white and yellow is a heavenly mix, and a horizontal wreath of jasmines in the middle Jada billas has a significant effect.
Jada billas in a semi-circle is distinctive to the design. Jasmines are orchestrated around the round metal billa fit as a half-moon shape. Venis in yellow flowers and jasmine praise the Jada part. Single flower billa on the head against the thick dark hair is a visual treat.


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