Wedding Special Enteries

Wedding Special Enteries
So, the grand moment is here! Wedding is made in heaven, and every arrangement of your wedding is precious. The small details of each wedding event make a wedding stunning. Just like choosing the best outfit for your wedding, bridal entry is also ‘once in a lifetime moment. So, brides and grooms, you have all the reasons to plan it with utter excitement.
What makes a bridal entry grand? All brides plan for their special entries at the wedding. The 2021 wedding trend follows a specific bride entry theme where the brides celebrate their presence with an extravagance gesture. Much like wearing a designer lehenga with the perfect set of jewellery, the bride also strives to make a striking entry.
Every guest and the groom eagerly wait for glimpses of the first look of the glorified bride. It demands that the bride choose a stunning entry to make her guests overwhelming, and her celebrated presence creates a grand welcome. We have unique ideas for wedding entries for bride and groom. We also arrange a wedding horse for a grand groom entry and provide a wedding car for rent.
We recommend our brides attempt some unique bridal entry ideas to make the moment way more special. Creating inspirational memories is our speciality. Gone are the days of old-school bridal entries; the new-age bride is eager to opt for fresh ideas and remark on a royal arrival. The most trending royal entries start from stunning pallaki’s and rath entries.
Think of having a dashing bridal entry on a royal car, isn’t it interesting? Or go for a traditional Pelli pallaki entry with an ornamented pallaki featuring the detailed theme of your wedding look. How about an entry on a boat? If you are planning a beachside wedding! Let’s drive through grand bride wedding themes and bookmarks, your favourite one! We can also customize the theme as per your choice.


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