Phoolon ki Chadar

Phoolon ki Chadar

Phoolon ki Chadar
Make an entrance like a princess. We have the largest selection of royal bridal entries ideas. For a grand Indian wedding, bridal entry is an important ritual where the bride attempts a grand entry and celebrates her bridal aura. One of the celebrated bridal entries starts with a Phoolonkichadar.
The bride’s family and friends accompany her with the floral dupatta to meet her groom. Just like the different themes of wedding and celebration, this dupatta also comes in a variety of colours and designs. Our new style dupatta layered with multiple flowers and light fixtures are very attractive to complement the elegant look of the bride.
Covered with wedding theme flowers and decorated items, we turn a simple dupatta into a gorgeous chadar. As per the requirement of the clients, we try to make each chadar unique with the special touch of our designers.


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