Wedding Baggi

Wedding Baggi
We offer an exclusive range of wedding Ghoras for traditional Indian weddings. Under our exclusive wedding services, we serve our clients with Orchid Flower Decorated Baggi, Wedding Chariots, Wedding Ghoris, Marriage Biaggi, Wedding BiaggiAndGhori and Special Baggis. Delivered according to the Indian tradition and ritual, our services are known for their attractive and rich plans and beautiful subjects. Our services can also be customized according to the requirements of our clients.
At BVMR, you can have multi-colored flower decorated baggi. We Specialize in giving great stature, spectacular white baggi and completely decorated in different style Baggis for cheerful occasions like Marriages at an affordable price. As per the client’s request, we also use fresh flowers to maintain their fragrance and enhance the look of the baggi.
We have practical experience in catering to our clients and extremely high evaluation of Orchid Flower Decorated Baggi. These baggis are of acceptable stature and are completely decorated. Moreover, at BVMR, we also customize these baggis according to the requirement of the clients. Our clients profoundly request the baggis due to its excellent quality and attractive appearance. Book your date with us and make a fabulous presence at your wedding.


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